For 34+ years, ARF has been able to feed and make a difference in the lives of thousands of rescue and shelter pets. But the landscape is changing and the food donations we once received from the manufacturers and distributors are no longer coming to the small aid organizations and are instead, going to the large, conglomerate "non-profits" that do NOT distribute food to the local animal shelters and rescue organizations. We thank all of those who have been instrumental in our success over the years and we encourage everyone to continue to help the small, local animal rescues and shelters that so desperately need food, funds and volunteers to continue on. Please continue to support your local shelters and rescues. And please continue to spay and neuter your pets, fence your yards, and get your pets micro-chipped so they can be reunited with you if they get lost. And, visit our partner organization websites to learn more about adopting a companion pet and/or supporting spay and neuter, and adoption efforts.


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